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Meet Your Filmmakers

Hi, I'm Cece, the owner and main shooter at Liyah Lauren Films LLC. Accompanied by my amazing husband, Ryan, we are a videography team based out of the Bay Area in California, focusing on weddings, elopements, and lifestyle videography. 


Honestly, you'll rarely ever hear me talk about myself. I find it difficult actually. Its just never been my thing. I've always enjoyed doing things alone, which makes me appreciate having a husband who loves talking and meeting new people. 

I value having a naturally introverted personality, because it makes spending quality time and building genuine friendships that much more meaningful.  I believe that's why I enjoy storytelling through film so much. Storytelling through film has a way of speaking ones truth in volumes, and sometimes without even using words. I'm passionate about what I do. I've always liked to do things in an unconventional way and I've never stressed over keeping up with the latest trends. 


One of our (my) ideal ways to spend quality time together is doing escape rooms. We (I) make it a point to look for new escape rooms to beat whenever we're traveling. 

We also love camping in the Red Woods with family, and competing with each other in almost anything (especially in a workout). 

Fun facts about us:

What you can expect

Integrity, honesty, consistency, communication, and commitment is what you can expect from us. We do our best to live by these values in all we do. It keeps us accountable, balanced, and brings new perspectives which helps us keep a creative edge. We're always thinking of new ideas to tell a story and we're so grateful for each and every opportunity we get to learn. 

When we first meet with you and your significant other, it's so important for us to get to know you on a foundational level. Not only do we strive to create original, authentic, and genuine films that tell your unique story, we strive to earn your trust. Like I mentioned above, a huge focal point for us and even in our own marriage is continuing to build our friendship and trustWe want you to know you can trust us with something so special. We want you to be confident you've made the right decision in choosing the right videographers for your big day. 


Our love for storytelling

Our love for storytelling goes far beyond just pressing record. It goes into every thought and idea for your film from start to finish.. It goes into all of the late nights and early mornings to make sure we deliver something you will cherish always. Your story doesn't end when your film is done. We want your story to be a simple reminder of what love can do even in the darkest times. A simple reminder of why you said yes. A simple reminder of why you both are intentional in choosing each other every single day. 

Our focus is to know you, your needs, and your wants so we know how to serve you in the best way possible. Please don't hesitate to reach out, we are absolutely honored to hear and tell your story. 


with love,

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